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Rail Vehicles

Kiepe Electric ranks among the foremost suppliers of systems for electrified local public transport.

Electrical equipment from Kiepe Electric helps to power new vehicles in many cities of the world: Berlin, Paris, London, Vienna, Kraków, and Taipei.

The traction kits, on-board power supply units, vehicle control systems, and HVAC equipment along with a host of electronic and electrical components are the results of our own development and production efforts. The individual items are assembled into a complete, customer-specific, single-source package.

Kiepe Electric supplies total electric systems for both platform-engineered series vehicles and for highly specific customer requirements.

Also included among our specialties is the fitting-out of one-off vehicles.

New vehicles such as work locomotives and the revamping of tramcars are typical examples of Kiepe Electric’s special project solutions.

Thanks to a high degree of modularity, Kiepe is in a position to supply electrical kits both as complete systems and subsystems.

The range covers the following overhead voltages:

•    DC 600 V/ DC 750 V

•    DC 1500 V

•    DC 3000 V

•    AC 15 kV, 16 2/3 Hz

•    AC 25 kV, 50 Hz

plus diesel-electric solutions.