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Vossloh Rail Vehicles and Vossloh Kiepe deliver seven Train-Trams to Great Britain


Vossloh Rail Vehicles and Vossloh Kiepe have been awarded a new international contract to supply seven Tram-Trains to South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, to operate between the center of Sheffield through to Rotherham Parkgate. The units will enter service in 2015.

The Tram Trains are equipped with the modern traction systems of Vossloh Kiepe, operating in dual mode AC 25 kV and DC 750 V catenary. The vehicles are specially adapted to the needs and requirements of the project, fulfilling all the customers’ actual requirements.

In order to prove the case for tram-train type operations in the UK and to improve the connectivity between Sheffield and Rotherham, Norman Baker, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Transport, has given the green light to a Tram-Train pilot project using an innovative Tram-Train vehicle developed by Vossloh Rail Vehicles. The Tram-Trains that will enter service on this route will be built in Vossloh’s  Spanish factory . The Vossloh built Tram-Train vehicles will be compatible for operation on the existing tramway network in the City of Sheffield as well as on the heavy rail system, operating on the existing conventional railway infrastructure joining at Meadowhall and running though to Rotherham Parkgate.
The project has a total budget of approximately £60 million pounds (about 70 million €) and includes not only the seven Tram-Trains but also the electrification of a stretch of track between Rotherham Parkgate and Meadowhall in addition tothe construction of a 400 meter line that will link the existing tramway to the heavy rail infrastructure, a first in the UK.
The vehicles of Vossloh Rail Vehicles are equipped with pneumatic suspension which provides superior dynamic characteristics as well as a comfortable and smooth ride.

Düsseldorf, June 2013

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