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Bielefeld: new high-floor light rail vehicles

Delivery: 2011-2012

New high-floor LRV with Vossloh Kiepe equipment for Bielefeld’s moBiel GmbH that has awarded the Vossloh Kiepe and Heiterblick consortium a contract for 16 high-floor LRVs, thereby opting for the flexibility and proven partnership of two SMEs in renewing its fleet.

The vehicles will be delivered between January 2011 and July 2012. The contract contains an option for up to a further 25.
Around 34 m in length, these 3-part bidirectional vehicles feature four power bogies, doors with folding steps, air conditioning for the driver and passenger zones, and an ultramodern passenger information system.
As consortium head, Vossloh Kiepe is not only in charge of the entire project management but will also supply the electrics including such assemblies as the controls, traction and onboard power systems.
The construction of the mechanical parts and assembly of the entire vehicles will be handled by Heiterblick at its Leipzig domicile.

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