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Düsseldorf: New light rail vehicles

Delivery: 2010-2012

After the delivery and successful operation of the first 15 rail vehicles, Rheinbahn AG decided to exercise its options on a further 61 vehicles.

These have been gradually supplied in batches of 15, 20 and, finally, 26 vehicles. Overall, the delivery and commissioning of the new series of vehicles should be completed by the end of Q1/2012 with the replacement of the old GT8 and GT8S tram series.

The modern NF8U vehicles are suitable for use both above ground and in tunnels, in trains with up to three vehicles and as bidirectional vehicles. Partnering railcar supplier Siemens, Vossloh as the systems supplier is responsible for the vehicle’s electrical equipment. This equipment exhibits the very latest technology. Included in it are the drive inverters together with the on-board power system supply with inverter and vehicle batteries, all of which is accommodated on the vehicle roof. The heating and ventilation equipment, the air conditioner for the driver’s cab, the railcar and train control system plus the entire passenger information system also come from Vossloh Kiepe.

Download: Düsseldorf_NF8U_521_E.pdf (Size: 229.0 KB)