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Ghana: diesel-electric multiple units

Delivery: 2009

Ghana’s rail network is operated by the Ghana Railway Company. With two diesel-electric multiple units (DMU), it is planned to revitalize the line from Accra to Tema. Vossloh Kiepe’s share of these vehicles: the traction and onboard power converters.

In 2009, two such trains had been delivered to Ghana in West Africa, each comprising two power cars and between them four unpowered center cars. A diesel generator in each of the power units supplies direct current for operating the two traction and onboard power converters. The traction converters feed three-phase current to four traction motors, each rated at 140 kW. For onboard power supply, one converter per powered railcar suffices since these trains do not have air-conditioning units but instead ceiling ventilators. The DMUs are designed for passenger transport along the 30.9-km route from the capital Accra to Tema in the east of Ghana. The country’s tracks are meter gauge.

The railcars themselves are being built by Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd., in China with whom Vossloh Kiepe has already worked on a contract for the Chinese town of Changchun.
In order to comply with the quite tight time schedule (eight months), the traction and onboard power systems were based, with corresponding modifications, on proven underfloor components used on the K5000 LRV for Cologne’s KVB. At the start of 2009, the power cars were commissioned by our staff at the Tangshan railcar plant for on-time shipment to Ghana in March 2009.