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Double-articulated hybrid bus

Double-articulated hybrid buses from Kiepe Electric and Hess

The series hybrid drive system from Kiepe Electric allows new types of buses to be developed and implemented. The system can be flexibly installed into the vehicle and what’s more, power can be shared out among a number of axles. As a consequence, it is now possible to build and operate oversized vehicles such as the LighTram from Hess AG.


Kiepe Electric’s hybrid drive made its successful debut in the 24-m hybrid double-articulated bus developed together with Hess AG. Bridging the gap between a classical bus and a tram, this vehicle is an appealing alternative to existing modes of mobility. Its capacity for 251 passengers is a world record for road vehicles.




Thanks to its ingenious geometry, the vehicle has a tighter turning radius than conventional 18.75-m articulated buses. And, with the electric dual-axle hybrid drive from Kiepe Electric, it can outaccelerate comparable diesel buses or trams and will therefore more easily thread its way into and through the flow of traffic.


Since 2007, this vehicle has been successfully tested in applications by the transport operators in Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Utrecht, etc. The first vehicle has been on regular duty since 2009 in Luxembourg.