Our enclosed references will give you a view of Kiepe Electric's bus projects, and the new developments undertaken within the past five years. If you are interested in projects that date longer, please feel free to contact us.


BATTERY BUS WITH IN MOTION CHARGING (IMC®) FOR 500 KW POWER TRANSFER SOLINGEN, GERMANY Public transport companies that operate diesel-powered buses partly under overhead wires can electrify their bus fleets by operating electric buses equipped with Kiepe Electric’s IMC technology. SWS, the public transport company in Solingen, has decided to realise this innovative solution: They exchange the diesel buses of line 695 to IMC electric buses. The existing overhead wires will function as a approximately 2 km long IMC road, used as a charging infrastructure. The batteries of the buses will be recharged in accordance with the In Motion Charging (IMC) concept when they drive under the overhead wire.

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Linz, Austria, Delivery: 2017-2018

The IMC bus for Linz is a 24 m long, fully electric trolleybus for urban public transport. Due to its length it is a real low-cost alternative to a streetcar. The drive has been equipped with two electric motors powering two axles, which increases the efficiency of the bus and ensures the traction, even in case of wintery conditions.

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Esslingen, Germany, Delivery: 2016

The four electric hybrid buses ordered by SVE from consortium partners Kiepe Electric and Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. have been on regular line service since late 2016.

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Seattle, San Francisco, USA, Delivery: 2014-2020

US mass transit operators King County Metro Transit in Seattle, Washington and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) in California, ordered a total of 452 electric buses of the type Xcelsior XT40 and XT60. Kiepe Electric has already delivered 797 sets of electrical equipment for electric buses. Hence, Kiepe Electric is one of the market leaders in North America.

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Malatya, Turkey, Delivery: 2014

The Turkish city Malatya ordered 10 ten double-articulated trambuses. Kiepe Electric is responsible for the complete electrical equipment of these state-of-the-art buses.

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Dayton, USA, Delivery: 2014 & 2019-2020

In 2013 the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (GDRTA) awarded Kiepe Electric USA a $5.7 Million USD contract to supply four pilot dual mode electric trolley buses. The pilot buses were required to operate in service for 1 to 2 years to prove the viability of the dual mode design.

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Geneva, Switzerland, Delivery: 2013-2014

In 2012 Transports Publics Genevois (TPG), the public transport operator in the Canton of Geneva, ordered 33 battery-powered trolleybuses of the type Exqui. City from Van Hool with electrical equipment from Vossloh Kiepe. The new vehicles have been equipped with double-axle drives so that they can also be operated on lines on which big differences in altitude are to be overcome within short distances - also although the weather conditions are difficult.

La Spezia, Italy, Delivery: 2013

The Italian city La Spezia ordered 8 trolleybuses. The vehicles in question are 12-metre-long solo buses with centrally driven second axles. Due to the modular construction of the electrical equipment, these can be easily adjusted to 18- or 24-metre-long vehicles.

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Zürich, Switzerland, Delivery: 2012-2013

In October last year the Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) placed an order for twelve 24 m long double-articulated trolleybuses of the type “lighTram” with Vossloh Kiepe and Hess AG for fully electrical operation.

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Lausanne, Switzerland, Delivery: 2012–2013

Vossloh Kiepe supplied the electrical equipment for 27 trolleybuses operated by Verkehrsbetriebe Lausanne. There was also an option for another 16 vehicles.

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Limoges, France, Delivery: 2012

The transport operator Société des Transports en Commun de Limoges métropole (TCL) has ordered four new articulated trolleybuses from Hess and Vossloh Kiepe.

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Parma, Italy, Delivery: 2011-2012

The north Italian public transport operator T.E.P. (Trasporti pubblici Parma) has ordered nine hybrid trolleybuses from Van Hool and Vossloh Kiepe. The combination of hybrid and trolleybus technology Kiepe Electric developed the environmentally-friendly technology in 2008 for installation in Van Hool trolleybuses for the passenger traffic undertaking ATM Milan.

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