Malatya, Turkey

Delivery: 2014

The Turkish city Malatya ordered 10 ten double-articulated trambuses. Kiepe Electric is responsible for the complete electrical equipment of these state-of-the-art buses.

Besides direct pulse inverters in IGBT technology the drive motors, the fully automatic current collectors, the braking resistors and the on-board power supply system belong to the scope of supply of Kiepe Electric. The on-board power supply system e.g. has to supply the air conditioning system and the 24 V system of the vehicle with power. The complete system is so designed that the braking energy can be recuperated into the overhead contact line system, which is then available to other vehicles.
The four-axle double-articulated bus is powered by two traction motors with a continuous output of 160 kW on the two centre axles. Moreover, the vehicle will be equipped with a diesel generator unit, which supplies so much energy that the vehicle can be operated off-wire during emergency operation.