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In Motion Charging (IMC®)-Buses (In Motion Charging)

Kiepe Electric is on the world’s leading specialists in the market for complete equipment kits built into electric buses with IMC.

Kiepe Electric’s electrical traction systems for zero-emission local urban public transportation combine utmost dependability and, to a sustainable degree, eco-friendly operation. For more than 60 years we have been developing and fine-tuning zero-emission, low-noise electric buses propulsion systems offering maximum reliability and low operating costs.

Proven, customer-specific solutions from Kiepe Electric

Kiepe Electric supplies a single-source package: project planning, engineering design, manufacture, and commissioning of single-, multi-axle and hub-driven systems. Such flexibility allows us to tailor our traction systems precisely to individual customer needs. The modular design is another factor allowing us to come up with flexible, customer-specific solutions. Asynchronous and synchronous systems can be ordered for various applications. The traction kits from Kiepe Electric are engineered for life-long electric bus service.

They are designed to comply with electric bus insulation requirements and built to optimum installation dimensions.

Over the years, vehicle controls have been repeatedly refined and include, alongside ABS and ASC units, a host of functions to allow the vehicles to cope with multiple overhead wire requirements and any special operator wishes. Differing voltage levels when changing from 600 V to 750 V are effortlessly negotiable.

Extended operating flexibility with Kiepe Electric tractions systems

HessBusKiepe Electric’s current collector systems allow a variety of functions. Pressing a button permits the driver from his seat to pneumatically lower, centre position and mechanically lock the poles to the roof of the vehicle. Also possible is the fully automatic connection of the poles to the overhead wires. An internal control system informs the driver about the position of the system.

A variety of energy sources is available to allow operation under a variety of conditions. Traction batteries permit zero-emission operation, independently of the overhead wires. With diesel/generator units in compliance with existing emission standards, the trolleybus can achieve diesel-bus performance when travelling outside the range of the overhead wires.


A combination of electric bus and hybrid drive, also developed by Kiepe Electric, and brake-energy recovery in the absence of overhead wires can thus ensure efficient energy exploitation. As a consequence, the electric bus will travel emission-free in the overhead wire zone and outside of this, in hybrid mode to allow an extension of the regular travel range.



Making local public transportation a more attractive proposition with Kiepe Electric

ModenaResearch carried out by various mass transit operators indicates ten to twenty percent added ridership in favour of electric buses versus diesel-bus services. With their low noise and zero-emission, electric buses are a more efficient proposition for local residents and passengers alike. With its propulsion systems, Kiepe Electric offers an opportunity to make inner city mobility more resident-friendly, quieter and cleaner.


In recent years, Kiepe Electric has assisted in the construction of new trolleybus networks.
We will gladly show you the various options available.