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Environmentally conscious: 14 modern trolleybuses from Vossloh Kiepe and Van Hool for Sardinia

In the middle of 2015 Vossloh Kiepe will deliver 14 solo trolleybuses for Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. The contract for delivery was signed at the beginning of May 2014 and has a value of 7.2 million euros.

Vossloh Kiepe and the Belgian vehicle manufacturer Van Hool convinced with their vehicle concept and were awarded a contract for 14 vehicles of the type Van Hool A 330T. The Düsseldorf company is going to deliver the entire electrical equipment for the new vehicles.

The modern, 12 m long buses will be powered by a 160 kW asynchronous motor. A diesel-generator set with an electric power of 100 kW is fitted as the auxiliary drive.
As the weight of the traction equipment is reduced and as braking energy can be recuperated into the overhead contact line system, the energy consumption of the vehicles can be reduced considerably, which does not only have economic, but also ecological advantages: the exhaust emissions can be reduced to a minimum due to the use of the electrical equipment. With this alternative Cagliari has deliberately chosen environmentally friendly public transport and thus sustainable climate protection.

Vossloh Kiepe has already delivered similar vehicles together with Van Hool to Lecce, Bari and Chieti, where they are now operated successfully. Further vehicles of this type are going to be delivered to Avellino in the near future.

Consorzio Trasporti e Mobilità (CTM), the public transport company in Cagliari, is one of the biggest public transport companies in Italy. Each year its 29 trolleybuses and 235 diesel buses drive altogether 12.5 million kilometres in the city and its surroundings, of which 1.5 million kilometres are driven by solo trolleybuses within a 39 km long overhead contact line system.

About Vossloh Kiepe:
Vossloh Kiepe is known internationally as a manufacturer of electrical traction equipment for public transport vehicles and has gained experience in this field for more than 100 years.
The company offers efficient solutions and ecologically sustainable concepts for emission-reduced public transport.

Besides the environment-friendly traction equipment for battery buses, hybrid buses, trolleybuses, locomotives, trams and suburban railways Vossloh Kiepe has specialised in the modernisation of old vehicles. The Düsseldorf company delivers its products to and performs its services for transport companies, state-owned and privately owned railways as well as industrial suppliers.

Düsseldorf, June 2014

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