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World premiere in Hamburg: Zero-emission operation starts with electric buses from Solaris and Vossloh Kiepe

For the first time in the history of electric buses two fully electric battery-fuel cell buses have taken up passenger operation in Hamburg in February. The combination of battery and fuel cells as the range extender is an absolute novelty, which is put through its paces by Hamburger Hochbahn AG. The innovative vehicles of the type “Urbino 18.75 electric” have been manufactured by the Polish vehicle manufacturer Solaris Bus & Coach. The Düsseldorf traction specialist Vossloh Kiepe delivered the entire traction equipment as well as the 240 kW motors and the power management system for the zero-emission vehicles.

The special feature of the new environmentally friendly articulated buses is the combination of battery and fuel cells, which are used as range extender. In practice, this means that the buses can be operated about 300 kilometres daily and that it is not necessary to recharge the battery during the operation because the energy stored in the battery and the electric energy generated in the fuel cells covers the average daily energy consumption. The new buses are filled up with hydrogen after the end of the daily operation and their batteries are recharged overnight. The hydrogen energy source can be filled up any time irrespective of the time of use. This approach provides new opportunities for storing and using energy flexibly.
Thanks to the fuel cell technology the innovative electric buses hardly emit noise and hardly vibrate. Instead of exhaust fumes they only emit pure steam.

Hochbahn’s CEO, Günter Elste, is thinking of making the bus line 109 the most environment-friendly connection in Germany. This line is used by about 15 000 passengers each day. Every day very different electric bus concepts are tested under ecological and economic aspects. The city of Hamburg is the first city in Germany that has decided only to procure zero-emission-buses as from 2020.

About Vossloh Kiepe:
Vossloh Kiepe develops and manufactures innovative electrical systems and equipment for public transport vehicles. Besides the environment-friendly traction equipment for battery buses, hybrid buses, hydrogen buses and trolleybuses as well as tramcars, Vossloh Kiepe has specialised in the modernisation of old rail vehicles.

Customised and efficient solutions fulfil all requirements for top quality. The preparation and realisation of economic and ecologically sustainable concepts is of utmost importance to the company.

Düsseldorf, February 2015

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