Power converters convert the electrical energy from the contact wire or the energy storage unit for the connected electrical components and systems. Kiepe Electric's range of converters covers any field of application from traction with many hundreds of kilowatt power to the various on-board power supply systems, e.g. with 24 V DC or 230 V AC.

Direct Pulse Inverter Kiepe DPU

Direct-Pulse Inverter in IGBT technology as traction inverter for vehicles with three-phase drive supplied by the catenary (DC 600/750 V 250 kVA).

Static Converter Kiepe BNU 500

The converters of the type Kiepe BNU 500 are static converters for auxiliary power supply in mass transit vehicles. Normally, the vehicles are equipped with a three-phase AC system and a DC system.

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Auxiliary converter Kiepe KGU

Auxiliary converter in compact design for supplying AC power to the vehicle’s air-conditioning system. Galvanic insulation possible with separate transformer (DC 600/50 V - 3 AC 400 V/20 kVA).

Kiepe Traction Inverters

The converters have been designed that they can be flexibly adapted to different requirements. Voltage systems: -DC 1500 V/ 3000 V -AC 15 kV / 25 kV - Multi voltage systems: with a power up to 4 MVA

Kiepe Static Inverters

The on-board converters can be used to feed auxiliary systems of locomotives, EMUs, DEMUs, high-speed-trains or passenger coaches. All usual voltage ranges are possible. Depending on the cooling method the power ranges from about 50 kVA for three-phase consumers and goes up to 500 A for batterie charging.

Static Converter GWL-B 600-750/24-xx

Static converter for auxiliary power supply in vehicles (DC 600/750 V/ 24 V/ 200 A).

DPU Hybrid

The series of Kiepe DPU hybrid converters is designed for use in diesel-electric, battery-powered or hybrid vehicles. These very compact devices integrate both the power electronics as well as the necessary controls.

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Kiepe Electric offers IGBT DC chopper solutions for the modernization of existing DC traction current circuits. Different control versions are possible due to the system’s modular construction. Different models can either be integrated into new vehicles or be adapted to existing systems.