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Drive Technology

In close contact with users, Kiepe Electric has developed a device series that can withstand rough daily operation.
Because of their modular mechanical design it is easy to adapt the devices to special electrical and mechanical vehicle requirements.

Direct Pulse Inverter Kiepe DPU

Direct-Pulse Inverter in IGBT technology as traction inverter for vehicles with three-phase drive supplied by the catenary (DC 600/750 V 250 kVA).


Kiepe Electric offers IGBT DC chopper solutions for the modernization of existing DC traction current circuits. Different control versions are possible due to the system’s modular construction. Different models can either be integrated into new vehicles or be adapted to existing systems.

Cam Controller

Many operating companies of vehicles controlled by a cam controller or a power contactor assembly have to face the question of how the propulsion control of such vehicles can be adapted to the latest technology at an economically viable cost. Kiepe Electric offers the modernisation of complete propulsion system by means of modern IGBT traction inverters. But more cost-effective control unit concepts are also offered in addition, which are individually developed taking requirements specific to vehicles as well as customers into consideration. Special attention is paid to the implementation of a simple plug-and-play solution.