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Current Relay Kiepe STV

The function of the current relay is to break the control voltage to the electromagnetic coil of a contactor with an auxiliary switch when the current exceeds a predetermined set value.


Function with Locking Device
When set trip value is exceeded, the hinged armature moves, operates the switching elements and is mechanically locked.
If the actual current value drops below the set trip condition, the switching element can be unlocked by briefly energizing the coil of the unlocking device.

Function without Locking Device
The hinged armature remains in the down position as long as the preset value is exceeded. If the value drops, the armature moves back into the starting position. Indicate the set value when ordering.


The current relay consists of 6 subassemblies. These are:

Structural unit
The structural unit consists of a base plate of insulating material, magnet yoke with supporting plate for switching elements, interlock with interlocking coil and stop for stroke limit of hinged armature.

Hinged armature
The hinged armature consists of an armature fastened to an insulating base plate and set screws for switching element and stroke limit.

Trip coil
The current coil operating the magnet system consists of a core with copper windings. The current coil on No. 36 has rectangular copper windings.

Interlocking with Trip Coil
The interlock/release consists of an operating coil and magnet system whose flexible armature interlocks with the hinged armature.

Switching Elements
The switching elements consist of auxiliary switches and their mounts.

Actuating values are set by means of a spring, guide bar, indication plate and self-locking setting nut. The position and value are calibrated by Kiepe at the factory and sealed with red lacquer.