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Emergency Brake Switch Kiepe NBS 500

The passenger can trigger emergency braking by way of the emergency brake switch. On the models described below, the brake system is controlled electrically. The emergency brake switches Kiepe NBS 500 are highly visible due to their red colour and the size of the casing.
They are of robust aluminium construction.

Their mode of actuation (pulling a handle) distinguishes them from the other emergency devices. To prevent unauthorized use, the unit can optionally be fastened with special screws. The most popular versions are listed hereafter. Others, including for pneumatic braking, are available on request.

When the emergency brake switch series Kiepe NBS 500 is actuated by pulling the handle, a tamper-proof energy storage unit is actuated as soon as the resistance is overcome. This simultaneously actuates the contacts and the interlocking process. Unlocking is effected with a socket spanner or a safety key, depending on the version, and simultaneously the handle is returned to its original position by means of a spring. The built-in spring also allows the option of automatic return to the original position once the handle has been released.

The Kiepe NBS 500 has an add-on casing and does not require a cutout in the mounting space.  Surface protrusion is approx. 45 mm. Provide there is sufficient space for pulling the handle, the Kiepe NBS 500 is compatible with other types of Kiepe emergency brake switches.

For installation outside of Germany, casing inscriptions are available in the local language.

Download: NBS 500 D_EN.pdf (Size: 300.0 KB)