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Signalling Products

Kiepe Electric offers a selection of signal transmitters and warning bells used in a variety of applications and built to address the requirements of tough daily operation thanks to their high reliability and long life. The acoustic signals and their sounds have been selected for good yet non-irritating audibility.

Electronic Warning Bell EWB

Kiepe’s electronic warning bell EWB produces electronically the typical acoustic warning signals emitted by rail vehicles.

Electric Warning Bell Kiepe MWG

The warning bell Kiepe MWG, operated by electric motor, is a signal emitter suited for installation in vehicles and industrial plants.

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Single Tone Buzzer Kiepe EIB 1 and Interval Tone Buzzer Kiepe EIB 2

For the detection of various functions in rail vehicles and buses, devices are required which emit a short buzzing tone for a length of time or a repeated tone for a defined period.

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