Switching devices that are used daily in rail and road vehicles need to be robust and reliable. Such devices from Kiepe Electric have fulfilled this requirement for decades. Due to the extreme operating conditions in vehicles, designs are required that are carefully thought-out and have been tested in practical operation. The result is that Kiepe Electric switches have a long, low-maintenance life-span.

Electronic Light Sensitive Switch Kiepe EDG 101

The Electronic Light-Sensitive Switch Kiepe EDG 101 has been developed for heavy-duty applications in rail and road vehicles. The Light-Sensitive Switch serves to switch on or off the vehicle’s lighting depending on the visibility conditions.

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Key-Switch Kiepe SSA

With the key kit electrical switching can be protected against unauthorized use. The kit is prefitted for a number of standardized safety locks with which the key switch can be integrated into a master-key system. A spacer ring allows compatibility with cylinders approx. 25 mm and 30 mm long. The switch has 2 stay-put positions.

Square Bolt Momentary Switch Kiepe TSS 001

The square-bolt momentary switch Kiepe TSS 001 is a switch with the performance of a momentary contact. It is operated with a square-bolt socket wrench to prevent unauthorized use and reset by spring force.

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