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Kiepe’s electrical components match the high rail industry standards and comply with all relevant codes, guidelines and regulations. Over a century of experience in development and production plus our strict testing and inspection criteria are an assurance of ultimate functionality and quality.


Power converters convert the electrical energy from the contact wire or the energy storage unit for the connected electrical components and systems. Kiepe Electric's range of converters covers any field of application from traction with many hundreds of kilowatt power to the various on-board power supply systems, e.g. with 24 V DC or 230 V AC.

Drive Technology

In close contact with users, Kiepe Electric has developed a device series that can withstand rough daily operation.
Because of their modular mechanical design it is easy to adapt the devices to special electrical and mechanical vehicle requirements.

Control Units

Backed by wide-ranging practical experience and on the basis of close contacts with users, Kiepe Electric engineers design control units fitted for rough daily operation. Ergonomics and functional safety are the two most important properties of these Kiepe Electric controllers. Because of their modular design it is easy to adapt the devices to special electrical and mechanical requirements.

Safety Products

To meet the requirement for fast braking or emergency stops safely and reliably, Kiepe Electric offers its own group of devices. Emergency brake switches are part of the standard equipment in a mass transit vehicle. Thanks to their design, the devices from Kiepe Electric have high memory capacities. Easy and reliable operation as well as protection from vandalism have been combined in the best possible way.


Relays and Monitors

Kiepe Electric has its own family of devices for all the car and truck functions that cannot be performed by the mass-produced relays. Kiepe Electric designs and manufactures special-purpose devices for  situations in which standard products rapidly stop functioning.

Signalling Products

Kiepe Electric offers a selection of signal transmitters and warning bells used in a variety of applications and built to address the requirements of tough daily operation thanks to their high reliability and long life. The acoustic signals and their sounds have been selected for good yet non-irritating audibility.


Switching devices that are used daily in rail and road vehicles need to be robust and reliable. Such devices from Kiepe Electric have fulfilled this requirement for decades. Due to the extreme operating conditions in vehicles, designs are required that are carefully thought-out and have been tested in practical operation. The result is that Kiepe Electric switches have a long, low-maintenance life-span.