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Static Converter Kiepe BNU 500

The converters of the type Kiepe BNU 500 are static converters for auxiliary power supply in mass transit vehicles. Normally, the vehicles are equipped with a three-phase AC system and a DC system.


These converters are designed to cope with the mechanical and electrical loads produced by mass transit vehicles. The Kiepe BNU 500 can be fitted on the roof or under floor in a container. Moreover, they can be mounted in cabinets located inside the vehicle.

Outstanding features of the Kiepe BNU 500:

  • Simple maintenance
  • Double electrical insulation between input and output
  • Designed for application in rail vehicles and trolleybuses
  • Low noise
  • High efficiency
  • Low weight thanks to high-frequency switching technology
  • Microprocessor control
  • Diagnostic interface and vehicle bus interface

The new Kiepe BNU 500 series replaces the former on-board converters of the series Kiepe BNU 400. Important innovations are the use of high-frequency switching technology and the reduction of weight combined with increased total output. Furthermore, construction is simplified and diagnostic capabilities are expanded