As a result of the tight financial pressure on many vehicle operators, Kiepe Electric has developed various modernisation concepts together with these operators. The modernisation of existing vehicles prolongs their service life, increases their ride comfort and thus frequency of use.

Traction and onboard power inverters for mainline trains

The inverters are engineered to adapt flexibly to a variety of requirements. For each customer, individual traction and/or onboard power supply systems are assembled from a menu of modules.

Direct Pulse Inverter Kiepe DPU

Direct-Pulse Inverter in IGBT technology as traction inverter for vehicles with three-phase drive supplied by the catenary (DC 600/750 V 250 kVA).


Kiepe Electric offers IGBT DC chopper solutions for the modernization of existing DC traction current circuits. Different control versions are possible due to the system’s modular construction. Different models can either be integrated into new vehicles or be adapted to existing systems.

Modernisation of Cam Controller

Many operating companies of vehicles controlled by a cam controller or a power contactor assembly have to face the question of how the propulsion control of such vehicles can be adapted to the latest technology at an economically viable cost.

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Static Converter Kiepe BNU 500

The converters of the type Kiepe BNU 500 are static converters for auxiliary power supply in mass transit vehicles. Normally, the vehicles are equipped with a three-phase AC system and a DC system.

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Auxiliary converter Kiepe KGU

Auxiliary converter in compact design for supplying AC power to the vehicle’s air-conditioning system. Galvanic insulation possible with separate transformer (DC 600/50 V - 3 AC 400 V/20 kVA).

Static Converter GWL-B 600-750/24-xx

Static converter for auxiliary power supply in vehicles (DC 600/750 V/ 24 V/ 200 A).

Air conditioning Systems

HVAC systems for public transport vehicles. Among the most important subsidiaries of Kiepe Electric GmbH is Vienna-based Vossloh Kiepe Ges. mbH in Austria that specializes in development, manufacture and installation of air conditioners for light rail and metro vehicles.

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Axle Generator

Previously the energy supply via axle generator was state of the art. Today, Kiepe Electric offers modern solutions for vehicles, which are equipped with this technology, whereby modern axle generators are combined with latest converter technology, which is especially adjusted for this purpose.

Modular Control Unit MSG

Modular built control unit for realisation of different functions (i.e. contactor control, door control etc.) Port for analog and digital speed signals available. Interface for train bus and analyses possible. (DC 24...110V).

Drive/Brake Master Controller Kiepe FBS

Drive/brake master controller, manually operated, with analogue reference signal output, with deadman's switch and operation mode switch (DC 24 V).