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Munich’s R2.2 railcars

Delivery: 2010-2011

Munich’s public transport authority is having altogether 50 series R2.2 light rail vehicles rejuvenated from top to bottom in 2010 and 2011. A part of the package is a complete makeover, with a repaint, new doors, and redesigned interior to give the vehicles a new 21st-century look.

Flooring, side and roof paneling, the seats, handrails, infotainment system, video surveillance and indirect interior roof lighting are all new. Air conditioning for the driver’s compartment is among the enhanced operating amenities. In overall charge of the revamp is Vossloh Kiepe working together with IFTEC, Leipzig. Vossloh Kiepe is handling the complete installation work besides supplying such items as air conditioners and new doors.

Download: 778_02 Modernisierung_Muenchen_EN.pdf (Size: 455.0 KB)