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Rising demands regarding the standard of comfort available on today’s local transport road and rail vehicles have meant that the majority nowadays are fitted out with air-conditioning systems. To fully deliver their benefits, these require high standards of maintenance and upkeep. With its Klimamobil mobile unit, Kiepe Electric is able to carry out wide-ranging jobs extending from simple on-site repair work to complete inspection and including, if necessary, the provision of replacement units.

KlimamobilNot every operator can revert to trained air-conditioning engineers and, in most cases, the necessary equipment is unavailable locally. Kiepe Electric has therefore set up a mobile A/C service whereby our own engineers are able to perform all the necessary maintenance and repair jobs right on the operator's premises.
For this purpose our engineers have their own vehicles fitted out with the devices and special tools to carry out work on the A/C systems. Where downtime is critical, we will even fit the vehicles with temporary replacement air conditioners.