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About us

A primary reason for Kiepe Electric's continuing success is the competitiveness of our products and services. In this connection, satisfied and healthy employees are an important condition for the ability to meet customer requirements and expectations on time and efficiently.

We strive for perfection as regards the manufacture of products and the provision of services and therefore constantly improve our performance.

The exceptional importance of our products in our customers’ success and the position of our company as a strong global competitor require that our work is of top quality and that we observe all relevant national and international standards.
To us, technical innovation and customer expectations of continuously ensured efficiency, environmental compatibility and safe products mean that we have to improve our processes, products and services repeatedly. To do this, we define our objectives and introduce programs to achieve this systematically.

When new products and processes are developed, the ecological effects are always considered. Environment-friendly, durable and recyclable products are awarded priority. We encourage our suppliers to develop ecologically superior solutions regarding hazardous substances, raw materials, processing, documentation and transport. 

This is supported by our open internal and external information policies.
To master the challenges, we make use of integrated management systems. Our employees’ safety, health, motivation and knowledge are the most important factors within our company and the guarantee of our corporate success. Continuous education and advanced training as well as promotion of employee awareness of industrial safety, quality, product safety, environment and economic efficiency issues enjoy priority.

The integrated management systems (industrial safety management, quality management and environmental management) are process and target oriented. They are prepared, realized and, where necessary modified, to match new situations by all levels of management.