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Design at Kiepe Electric

Industrial design is a crucial factor in product development and innovation.


Kiepe Electric applies industrial design principles to allow new aspects to merge into the gestation process. “Form follows function” is the most important factor in technical products.

Working hand in hand with the designer is a practice that inspires innovations within the company in many areas.



The first product created according to industrial design criteria was the Athens trolleybus (series #1) where Kiepe assumed responsibility for the entire roof landscape.

DGG Athen



 A stylish container designed to match the ultramodern looks of the bus resulted in an outstanding overall visual impact.


Together with designers at büro & staubach, Kiepe Electric developed on behalf of the Düsseldorf public transport operatoNBS400r Rheinbahn the NBS 400 emergency brake. The customer-commissioned design received the if Design Award in Gold in 2007.




Design will continue to be reflected in our product developments and help breed innovations. This is what Kiepe Electric stands for!